A film director, producer, entrepreneur, philanthropist & unshakable revivalist who’s dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be.

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Who is Elena Beuca?

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    Elena Beuca is a Romanian-American film director, producer, actress, entrepreneur, philanthropist and revivalist. She was born on October 27, 1979, in the Hateg, a village in Transylvania, Romania. She is the recipient of several accolades for her first directorial debut for the feature film Talita (2020). Beuca also founded Elliel platform and Talita Kumi Foundation, a non-profit organization. Both the platform and the organization is focused on raising charity for people, helping the organization, and those who’re in need. The main idea behind everything is “People Helping People.” She also appeared in the TV shows like Gang Related (2014), Enlightened (2011), and Victorious (2010).

    She creates amazing inspiration and motivational videos, does the podcast to help people get inspired and help them get peace of mind. She believes that there is only one religion and that is Humanity. She always posts new videos on topics like motivation, real-life scenarios, inspirations, relationships & people helping people every day on her social media accounts and her Elliel platform.

    Where it all started

    Elena Beuca was born on October 27, 1979, in Hateg, Romania. She grew up in a small village named Hateg in Transylvania, Romania where she spent her whole time working the land while taking care of the cows and sheep. Going to school was a treat for her and she looked forward to it every morning which was a great break from the hard work on the farm. Most of the time, they had no electricity in the nighttime and she had to do her homework at the candlelight. Beuca didn’t have a TV until she was 16 years old, but she is grateful for it cause it made her fall in love with reading, learning being hungry for knowledge and wisdom.

    She had a completely different and unique lifestyle before all this, you can read it more about her early life below.


    Beuca is actively involved in women’s advocacy organizations. Being herself a victim of a crime she is passionate about young women knowing their worth and helping them regain self-esteem and finding purpose in life. Mental health is one of her main focuses and she is a vocal advocate for people trying to bring them out of their darkness and depression.

    She is also passionate about spreading kindness, compassion and love and she believes that’s that is the one thing that can help unite the people, no matter what race, what the background or what religious views they have. She calls herself a God believer and people lover. Elena also started various other projects like Kindness Ambassadors to help spread kindness in the most non-judgmental way.

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    At the age of 14, she moved out of her village because she was accepted into a prestigious high school in Petrosani to study finance. The fact that the school was two hours from her village didn’t dampen her excitement. She hitchhiked back and forth during those four years of high school and another two for college. After graduating from college, She moved to Bucharest to study law at the Nicolae Titulescu University. Her journey eventually led her to America in 2006 while she was 27 years old.

    Elena Beuca came to America in 2007 where she began studying acting at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, as well as the Ivanna Chubbuck Studio. She has never acted or had anything to do with the films. She only had studied law and owned a real estate business in Bucharest. Beuca finally got to a point where she knew that it wasn’t fulfilling something she wanted to do, so she decided to change her life and give up her real estate business in Romania. All of a sudden she became interested in acting. While in America, she did some research for the best schools in the world and she came across the American Academy of Dramatic Arts where her journey towards acting took the initial step.

    During her time at the AADA, she eventually met Dave Rogers in 2007. This is when she knew about the strong bond of friendship and understanding, they both became best friends until they got married later in December 2009.


    Step into the Hollywood

    Elena Beuca prepared two monologues: one comedic and one dramatic and flew to Hollywood to audition for them. She had put all of her hard work and ideas into it. She believes that for whatever reason I got accepted immediately. So she decided to move to Hollywood for good. She did not know one single soul in America or the city of Los Angeles at that time but the idea of studying acting felt right as she quoted “As if it was a part of me my whole life which I didn’t even know about”. She was very intriguing and exciting for starting a new life and career in the world of Hollywood.


    The Beginning of Her Career

    After acting for a couple of years and directing a few short films she realized that she was falling in love with directing more than acting. She was fascinated with the idea of creating a film from scratch. She loved being able to bring her vision to life and making those characters on paper became real. After she did a few more shorts and then realized that she is ready to ready to do her first feature. A friend challenged her to a short film competition, the 168 Film Festival, which ignited that spark for filmmaking. While she loved working under pressure, she quickly learned that “Less is more” and to not allow your fears to prevent you from trusting in yourself.

    She made her first short film Love Echoes in 2009. She entered the 168 Film Festival competition. Beuca fell in love with the idea of directing and for the next 2 years continue to make films for them with her husband. While Elena Beuca was directing and acting, her husband was writing the stories.

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